The Transparent Curtain

This year-long project was a collaboration between Russian artist Vasili Isakov and myself. Vasili is a highly skilled ‘plaster master’ artist who spent many years learning his craft and until February 2022, created numerous large scale plaster wall carvings in his studio along side his studio team in Moscow. 
We had been friends for a number of years through the art community, specifically collaborating for the Moscow International Biennale, which was due to take place in the Spring 2022. 
When Vasili arrived in Istanbul, we decided to take the opportunity to create something which would bring together both our creative practices.

You can view more of our ‘making of’ process here

At the studio

‘The Transparent Curtain’ measuring 3m x 1.5m, created using plaster bas-relief methods and inserting glass neon tubes directly into the panel work.

The project is reflective of both our identities and sharing of similar values, an incessant need to create and strive for harmonisation.