April Key, an artist whose studio practice oscillates between England and Istanbul, is renowned for her ability to transform 2D imagery into 3D works of art through sculpture. Born and raised in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, she went on the further education at Edinburgh College of Art before deepening her roots at Istanbul Teknik University.

At the core of April’s artistic practice lies a process of metamorphosis—she breathes life into 2D visual narratives, carefully converting them into immersive 3D sculptures. This alchemical transformation allows her to captivate viewers by transcending the confines of flat imagery and inviting them into a multidimensional exploration of her subjects.

One of the hallmarks of her work is her adept use of glass neon, a medium that bestows her work with an ethereal radiance, creating a dialogue between past and present. Her sculptures, born from the fusion of traditional and modern, offer viewers a glimpse into the essence of memory and the vivid hues in which we often recollect the past.

Beyond her mastery of translating 2D to 3D, April’s practice extends into the digital realm, where she artfully combines digital impressions with her physical installations. This integration of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation adds layers of interactivity, depth, and boundless imagination to her work, further inviting viewers to traverse the shifting landscapes of reality and reverie.

Key’s work has transcended borders, presenting for international exhibitions in Istanbul, New York, Germany, and Portugal. Her solo exhibition in Milan in 2019 marked the inception of her journey into the art world, receiving accolades from esteemed publications such as Sotheby’s and Elle Decor magazine. These days you can find her at her studio in West Yorkshire.


“My practice is a dynamic dance between tradition and innovation, where materials become conduits for storytelling and where the boundaries of sculptor fabrication are continually challenged and expanded. Over time, I’ve nurtured my creative vision through a symbiotic relationship with traditional maker materials like ceramics and glass, enriched with the transformative power of modern technology.

Central to my artistic journey is the captivating process of translating 2D visual narratives into the realm of 3D. Each sculpture is a carefully woven tapestry, a harmonious blend of memory and creative interpretation. This process allows me to transcend the confines of flat imagery, breathing life into my subjects and offering viewers a multidimensional perspective.

My recent infusion of ceramics and glass with contemporary technologies, strives to redefine what is possible in the realm of sculptor fabrication. This dynamic blend empowers me to produce ambitious installations that grow increasingly impressive with each new project, blurring the lines between art and innovation.

At both my studio’s in Yorkshire and Istanbul, I collaborate closely with local artisans and skilled fabricators. Together, we experiment in various realms sculptor fabrication, merging historical craftsmanship with modern innovation to produce bodies of work that speaks to the heart of the human experience.”