My practice aims to create a dynamic and visually arresting dance between tradition and innovation, where materials become conduits for storytelling and the boundaries of sculpture are continually challenged and expanded. Over time, I’ve nurtured a symbiotic relationship with traditional maker materials including ceramics and glass, bringing them into a transformative dialogue with modern technologies such as 3D printing and digital rendering.

Archival research is central to my artistic practice, which begins with historical narratives unearthed from flea-market finds and family photo albums that then take on sculptural, three-dimensional forms. I investigate the properties of memory residing within the source material, with a specific interest in what becomes documented, how and by whom. Sculptural responses to these issues elevate the material from the confines of flat imagery, aiming to breathe new life and perspectives into the subject matter and offering audiences a multidimensional experience that connects historical material with contemporary forms.

My work regularly delves into virtual realms as well as the tangible, combining digital impressions with physical installations. Through this integration of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation, I strive to add layers of interactivity and depth, inviting viewers to traverse the shifting landscapes of reality and reverie.