I’m a sculptor who primarily uses illuminated glass and sculpted base body materials. Around 6 years ago, I began creating my work and developing my practice while living in Istanbul. Coming from an architecture background, I have always been interested in manipulating light through structure and colour. This interest led me to discover neon glass making and general sculptural practice, two elements I strive to combine in my work. I am deeply passionate about retelling memories and historical stories through this visual language, drawing much inspiration from locality and individuals.

My practice is a dynamic dance between tradition and innovation, where materials become conduits for storytelling, and the boundaries of sculpture are continually challenged and expanded. Over time, I’ve nurtured my creative vision through a symbiotic relationship with traditional maker materials like ceramics and glass, enriched by the transformative power of modern technology. Through this process I’m forever trying to push the boundaries within contemporary installation, seeking new opportunities and narratives to present in new contexts.