Last year, Vitruta ( approached our studio to create a permanent installation for one of their stores, touching on various aspects of the brand.


Firstly, the installation must evoke what Vitruta stands for, ‘responsibly curated for good people’ being their motto. They host eco-friendly sellers, with clean aesthetics and pops of colour.

Secondly, the pieces must be visible from not only outside the store, but also inside.

And finally, it should have some relation to the iconic ‘Pera’ location in Istanbul. Pera itself contains these chaotic yet beautiful streets with many inclines and narrow passageways.

the result

A beautiful blend of both the artists known aesthetic and Vitruta’s. Handblown glass neon lettering, mirrored on both sides. Soft white lighting to highlight the forms.

in the workshop

We locally sourced our plexi from scrap yards using other peoples offcuts. Using handblown glass neon, which itself is a very sustainable light production.

Neon tubes

Digital representations were also created to show our inspiration and form.

For the opening, April Key also curated a gallery expo in Vitruta space, showcasing her other known works: