Pillar Pragma – 2022

photo courtesy of Contemporary Istanbul fair 2022

Pillar Pragma

130hx30 / 25kg

Materials: Plexiglass / Neon

Pillar Pragma was created in mind of our strong but strenuous human relationships. This is the first in April’s Pillar Predicament series with the subtext ‘Questionable classifications of Love’. The term ‘Pragma’ was first used as a term solely for love in the Ancient Greek era. It was understood with this phrase that the ‘pragmatic’ aspect of relationships with people was important/justifiable then any other feature. April’s neon configuration reflects this theory, but its also understood through the irregular form that pure pragmatism is difficult to sustain.Each Pillar throughout this series will reflect the artists feelings on that particular classifications of love, responding through the neon configuration/structure.

Below images: research trip to Ephesus/ Turkey

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