Subject; Axis

Vertically hung panel 60x60x9cm
Materials: Plexiglass / Neon

‘Subject: Axis’ rearranges aspects of architecture and contemporary city design on a vertical axis, experimenting with new ways to reflect our modern visual surroundings.
By deconstructing the various geometric forms found in the Ocean Drive Collection, the work seeks to transform these complex architectural dynamics into a 3-D topographic style, reminiscent of a city planning map far ahead of its time.
Breaking down these architectural components and incorporating aspects of shadow and light, negative space and depth, and gradient colour on different levels, to creates a multi-faceted modern cityscape.

Viewed from every different angle, from each new perspective, brings a new understanding to what the reimagined city can look like, a different sense of how light, depth illusion and shadow can come together in unique ways to provide each viewer a singular viewpoint and context.

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